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mbdd - Multi Buffer dd


mbdd [-b buffersize] [-c count] [-n number] [-q] [-s] [-v]


mbdd is a threaded version of dd, without all the extras. It maintains a number of buffers, a thread to read from standard input to fill the buffers, a thread to (optionally) write to standard output, and threads for any additional destinations, emptying the buffers. Several reads may be done to fill a buffer entirely. A partial write (not a full buffer length) will abort the copy.

mbdd continues until EOF on standard input. The last block written may not be a full buffer, that is, it is not rounded up to the buffer size.

Its primary use is as a buffer between bursty, non-threaded programs. One example is its use between tar(1) and bzip2(1), allowing both utilities to attempt to run without waiting on the other.

Before exiting, mbdd writes a summary to standard error, containing statistics from the run.


-b buffersize
Reads and writes are performed in chunks of buffersize bytes. If not specified, a buffersize of `64k', 65536 bytes, is used.
-c count
At most, count blocks of size buffersize are read and written. If 0, the default, the process continues until EOF on read, or error.
-n number
Specifies the number of buffers to allocate and use in the circular queue. Defaults to 16.
Quiet operation, suppresses the printing of the summary line.
Suppress writing to standard output.
Verbose: regularly prints a status line showing current progress.

All numeric arguments may take an optional letter suffix, similar to the strsuftollx(3) function introduced in NetBSD.

sector; multiply by 512.
kibibytes; multiply by 1024 or 2^10.
mebibytes; multiply by 1048576 or 2^20.
gibibytes; multiply by 2^30.
tebibytes; multiply by 2^40.
pebibytes; multiply by 2^50.
exbibytes; multiply by 2^60.

Exit Status

mbdd exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurred.


As a buffer between tar(1) and bzip2(1), using a total of 20 MiB buffer space:

sh$ time tar -cf - . | mbdd -n 320 | bzip2 > /tmp/arc.tar.bz2
807311360 bytes transferred in 374.285 secs (2106.392 KiB/sec)
88694 partial reads, 218.527 average buffers full
  374.37s real   311.43s user    18.64s system

Compared to without:

sh$ time tar -cf - . | bzip2 > /tmp/arc.tar.bz2
  556.37s real   307.44s user    11.60s system

See Also

fblckgen(1), iohammer(1)


As the size of the kernel pipe buffer may be rather small (eg. 8 KiB) on many implementations, high numbers of "partial reads" may occur if using larger buffers.


mbdd and the rest of the iotools were developed by Paul Ripke, <>. See <> for the current version.

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