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Here's some software I've decided to let out to the world at large. As always, use at your own risk, and send me any comments you have.

Darwin aka MacOS X[edit]

ipcs/ipcrm for Darwin[edit]

Provides two missing utilities ported from FreeBSD.

Perfmon for MacOS X[edit]

Provides access to the PowerPC performance counter registers, largely made redundant by Apple releasing CHUD Tools.



Three simple pthread programs to test sequential (fblckgen(1)) I/O performance (eg tape drives), random (iohammer(1)) I/O performance, and implemement a circular buffer (mbdd(1)) for use in a chain of piped commands.


Simple Perl script to trim a given number of lines from the start and end of one or more files, or stdin.


Simple Perl script that reads stdin and generates cycled, optionally line timestamped and optionally compressed files.


Perl script to submit a BSD LPD long status query to a given host and queue.


Perl script to bulk rename files. Supports changing case, Perl regex style renames, and optionally recursive.



Simple shell script to remove all Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) paths to a given LUN by the HDS "ChaPort" (Channel Port) number. This uses the undocumented /usr/lib/methods/ucfgdlmfdrv and /usr/lib/methods/udefdlmfdrv commands to remove a hdisk (path) from each dlmfdrv.


Simple shell script to mount all filesystems in a volume group.


Simple shell script to umount all filesystems in a volume group.



A Tandy CoCo II emulator I started writing some years back using the Symantec Think Class Library (TCL), in C++. I was in the process of converting it to straight 'C', implementing all the missing I/O support, and adding Objective-C Cocoa and X11 front ends, when I found MESS and XMESS/XMAME, which seem to work quite well. I'll probably never bother finishing it now.

Misinformation found herein copyright Paul Ripke (aka “stix”)