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Here's some software I've decided to let out to the world at large. As always, use at your own risk, and send me any comments you have.

Darwin aka MacOS X[edit]


  • iotools: Two simple programs to test sequential (fblckgen) I/O performance (eg tape drives) and random (iohammer) I/O performance.
  • headntail: Simple Perl script to trim a given number of lines from the start and end of one or more files, or stdin.
  • logmon: Simple Perl script that reads stdin and generates cycled, optionally line timestamped and optionally compressed files.
  • lp_check: Perl script to submit a BSD LPD long status query to a given host and queue.
  • renamefiles: Perl script to bulk rename files. Supports changing case, Perl regex style renames, and optionally recursive.


Misinformation found herein copyright Paul Ripke (aka “stix”)