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Current Bugs

  • kern/44614 - Port brcm80211 driver from Linux to NetBSD.
  • kern/45081 - "ath0: device timeout", then wifi connection is dropped momentarily.
  • lib/46278 - gcc -pg with pthread does not work on 6.0_BETA/i386
  • kern/42479 - netbsd-5-0 tools config(1) generates bad config_file.h on i386 5.99.22
  • pkg/40229 - NetBSD subversion-base - NFS-mounted repository failures
  • kern/39016 - WAPBL performance and turnstiles
  • kern/37400 - panic in ath_rate_findrate(): ndx is 0
  • kern/37174 - ipnat RDR sessions not expiring
  • kern/36690 - KASSERT(delta > 0) in kern_physio, with tape block size mismatch
  • kern/36328 - clone(2) with CLONE_FILES can leak POSIX locks
  • kern/35198 - lfs_pchain corruption causing hang or panic
  • kern/33241 - umodem fails in NetBSD 3.0. I'm wondering if this is related to uscanner failing to work for me with NetBSD 3.0.
  • systat SIGWINCH handling - systat(1) doesn't appear to handle SIGWINCH well, if at all.
  • kern/25977 - WSMOUSEIO_SSCALE. Cheap mouse needs this. Should implement suggested per-axis scaling.
  • kern/28731 - ehci + umass (ipod). Depending which USB port I use, my iPod will either attach fine, or bail out.
  • kern/21335 - ahc leaves processes in D state. I've seen this when trying to read a tape with a larger blocksize than that configured in the backup tool.
  • Calculated Load Average too high. See this mail.
  • kern/26424 - Removal of INITIALLY_LEVEL_TRIGGERED breaks Multia serial ports.
  • kern/9678 - gdb fails to debug kernel core dump on mac68k.
  • Check DRM/DRI support on netbsd-4.


  • missing brelse in rf_netbsdkintf.c:raidread_component_label()
  • SysKonnect sk(4) still needs cleaning up.
    • clean up mbufs and outstanding transmit descriptors when bringing down the interface.

Old Bugs

  • kern/37696 - msdosfs: add large read / readahead support
  • kern/37037 - ipnat: Data modified on freelist
  • toolchain/35118 - gdb6 "bt" fails on kernel dumps.
  • port-m68k/35099 - pthread programs core on m68k. Many pthread programs, including named(8) get SIGILL running on m68k.
  • kern/17398 - msdosfs does not support sector size != DEV_BSIZE. Currently prevents using a gen 5.5 iPod on NetBSD.
  • kern/34737 - Gen 5.5 iPod fails to mount. SCSI mode sense sector size bug.
  • pkg/32130 - Psi doesn't compile with qt-3.3.5.
  • port-xen/30977 - Strange FPU behaviour. Just try running flops as a test.
  • kern/22457 - ACPI broken mouse.
pckbport: command timeout
pms_enable: command error 35
Not sure on the status here, switched to using USB mouse.
  • emuxki drain broken. Seen using psi, which uses audioplay(1). Appears to have been fixed between NetBSD 2.0 and 2.0.2.

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