NetBSD on Orange Pi Zero

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Runs the 32-bit evbarm earmv7hf port of NetBSD.


NetBSD developer Jared McNeill provides pre-built images for many ARM devices here.


cp /mnt/release/evbarm-earmv7hf/binary/kernel/netbsd-GENERIC.ub.gz /tmp
gzip -d /tmp/netbsd-GENERIC.ub.gz
mv /tmp/netbsd-GENERIC.ub /boot/
cp /mnt/release/evbarm-earmv7hf/binary/kernel/netbsd-GENERIC.img.gz /tmp
gzip -d /tmp/netbsd-GENERIC.img.gz
mv /tmp/netbsd-GENERIC.img /boot/kernel7.img
cp /mnt/release/evbarm-earmv7hf/binary/kernel/netbsd-GENERIC.gz /tmp
gzip -d /tmp/netbsd-GENERIC.gz
mv /tmp/netbsd-GENERIC /netbsd

Device support[edit]

  • Wifi is unsupported (as of 2019-11-01).

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