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Operating System Administration

OS First
Last Used
AIX 3.2.5 through 5.3 1995 10+ 2007
OpenVMS 5.5-2 through 7.2 1995 3 Once every six months since 1998
MacBSD 0.8 through NetBSD "current" 1993 12+ Current, daily, as hobbyist
SunOS 4.0 1995 2 1998
SunOS 5.5 through 5.8
(Solaris 2.5 through Solaris 8)
1995 10+ 2007
DEC OSF/1 1.3 through HP Tru64 5.1B 1995 10+ 2007
Darwin/Mac OS X DP1 through 10.2 1998 7+ Current, daily, as hobbyist
Cisco IOS (minimal) 1996 <1 Approx once every six months
Linux, in-house custom distribution 2007 <1 daily as administrator


  • IBM POWER5 based systems (mainly p570 LPARs and p590 LPARs).
  • IBM POWER4 based systems (p615, p630 LPARs, p650).
  • IBM POWER3 based SP using PSSP.
  • Many older MCA and PCI based RS/6000, eg. C10, J30, F50, H50.
  • IBM SSA drawers and adapters.
  • IBM DS4300 (FAStT600) and DS4800 SAN-attached storage.
  • IBM 3584 Tape Library.
  • IBM 3494 Tape Library.
  • DEC VAX 4000 range (VLC, 60, 90, 96, 600).
  • DEC/Digital/Compaq/HP Alpha (From DEC 3000 to AlphaServer 2100, 8400 and DS20, ES40).
  • DEC/Digital/Compaq Storage (HSD-30, HSZ-50).
  • Many older Sun machines (SPARCstation 5, 10, 20, E3000, E3500).
  • Sun storage (StorEdge A5000, A5100, A5200, A1000).
  • Generic Intel/AMD PC hardware.

Vendor technologies and Other Major Products

Technology First
Last Used
IBM Power5 Virtual I/O Server 2006 0.5 2007
IBM LPARs on Power4 and Power5 2001 4 2007
IBM AIX PSSP, CSM and NIM 2000 4 2007
HDLM on AIX 2000 4 2007
HA-CMP 5.1 2005 1 2007
TSM server (iTSM) from 4.1 through 5.1 2000 5 2007
Symantec/Veritas NetBackup 4.5, 5.1 2002 2 2007
Veritas Volume Manager v3.0, v3.2 under Solaris. Also LSM for Tru64 1996 7 2007
DECnet Phase IV on OpenVMS 1995 3 1998
DECnet OSI (Phase V) on OpenVMS and Tru64 1996 9 2007
DEC T21 SNA Services on Tru64 1998 7 2007
DEC TruCluster 1.3 1996 9 2007
Xen 2.0 running on NetBSD 3.0 Dom0 2005 <1 Current

Major Programming/Scripting Languages

In order of decreasing familiarity (self rating of 9 being an internationally recognised expert):

Language First
Last used Self rating (0 to 9)
C 1988 16+ Current, almost daily 6
Bourne/Korn Shell 1993 10+ Current, daily 4
Perl 1999 6+ Current, weekly 3
C++ 1995 2 current, mainly debugging 3
Java 1997 2 1999 3
Objective C 1999 2 2001 2
BASIC 1984 5+ 1995 2
Python 2000 <1 current 2
Modula-II 1993 1 1993 1
PDP-8 assembler 1993 <1 1993 1
Motorola 68k assembler 1988 2 1998 1
PL/I 1993 3 1996 2
SAS 1993 2 1995 1
JCL 1993 2 1995 1


Database First
Last used
Oracle 7.3.4 through 9.2.0 1995 4 2007
MySQL 3.23 through 4.1 2002 3 Current
PostgreSQL 7.4 through 8.0 2004 1 Current
Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.0 through 12.0 1998 3 2002
DB2 8.1 (minimal) 2005 <1 2007

Education, Training and Conferences

  • 1993-2001: Completed Bachelor of Computer Science Honours, First Class from the University of Wollongong.
  • Mar 2000: Completed IBM RS/6000 SP System Administration course.
  • Dec 1998: Completed Sybase System and Database Administration Adaptive Server Enterprise course.
  • Aug 1998: Completed DECnet OSI Administration course.
  • Oct 1997: Attended DECUS Australia Symposium.
  • Aug 1995: Completed OpenVMS System and Network Management II course.
  • Feb 1993: In-house training on PL/1, SAS, JCL and IMS-DC.
  • Jan 1993: Began Bachelor of Information Technology and Communication degree at the University of Wollongong, studying part-time.
  • Dec 1992: Completed HSC at Nowra Technology High School with TER of 95.75.

Working Chronology

Dec 2007 - current

Google Australia
Site Reliability Engineering

Dec 1998 - Oct 2007

BHP IT (Dec 1998 - Jun 2000), CSC Australia (Jun 2000 - Oct 2007)
Primary Role
UNIX System Administrator
  • Member of a team varying from 12 to 16, supporting from 150 to 300 UNIX systems/LPARs, including AIX, Solaris, Tru64, Linux and SCO. Systems vary from Steelmaking production control systems to large (1+ TiB) SAP/Oracle AIX systems with an international user base.
  • Typical tasks include installation, patching, security management, troubleshooting, backup and recovery, space management and performance tuning.
  • Main support contact for two Solaris (now AIX) based TSM backup servers, with around 180 clients (UNIX, OpenVMS, WinNT and Macintosh).
  • Providing rostered 24x7 on-call support.
  • Primary unofficial backup for rostered on-call support personnel for any technical issues.
  • Mentor for colleagues on most supported technologies.
  • Australian Subject Matter Expert for Tru64 UNIX.
  • Main contact for performance tuning of supported systems.
  • Main contact for arcane network protocols, including managing a Tru64 system running as a DECnet Phase V to SNA LU6.2 gateway, and several Tru64 systems using the PLC communications protocols GCOM.
  • Main contact for the management of a MediaWiki based team documentation archive.
  • Dec 2006: Successfully migrated and upgraded a TSM server from TSM, Solaris 2.7 running on a Sun E3500 with A5100 storage, to TSM, AIX 5.3 running on a p520 with HDS SAN attached storage. TSM database unload was approximately 30 GiB, and the upgrade, including auditdb, was completed in approximately 24 hours.
  • Feb 2006: Involved in commissioning a number of US-based p570 based LPARs, including configuring redundant Virtual I/O Servers providing both disk and network.
  • May 2005: Involved in a second major project for the same client configuring a further 42 p570 LPARs, and the migration of Oracle databases, live, over the network, using a customized rsync, between the US and Australia, minimizing outage time for cut-over. Some of the migrated databases were slightly less than 1 terabyte in size, and database outage duration for cut-over was less than 30 minutes. Mentored two new graduates with 2 months experience to handle much of the physical cabling, LPARing, installation, and some migration tasks.
  • Jan 2005: Involved in a technical role in a major project for the configuring of approximately 12 p570 LPARs for the running of SAP+Oracle for a large client. Data and applications were successfully migrated from existing SP infrastructure.
  • Jul 2003: Mentor and senior technical specialist assisting with the migration of a MIMS/Oracle application from a heavily customized and scripted Tru64 environment to new AIX POWER4 hardware.
  • 2000: Technical resource involved in the separation of DNS, SMTP, and other network services with the splitting of one company into two separate companies and network entities.

1996 - Dec 1998

Primary Role
VMS Systems Management
  • Member of a team of approximately 12 supporting RSX-11M and VMS systems.
  • Typical tasks included installation, patching, security management, troubleshooting, backup and recovery, space management and performance tuning.
  • Providing rostered 24x7 on-call support.
  • Primary midrange contact for a high security department, supporting OpenVMS VAXen running SETCIM, PI and DECnet OSI, an OSF/1 system running SAP and Oracle and an AIX system running several Oracle databases.
  • Primary VMS contact for a critical commercial messaging application running on a VMS cluster, using X25, MRX (X400), DECnet OSI, RDB and DECEDI.
  • Main technical VMS resource involved in an 80 hour upgrade of DECEDI systems, upgrading VMS, RDB, DECnet OSI, MR and MRX.

Aug 1995 - 1996

Primary Role
Midrange Facilities Management
  • Member of a team of approximately 12 supporting RSX-11M, VMS, AIX, DG-UX, SunOS, IRIX and OSF/1 systems, and RDB and Oracle databases. Systems mainly involved in Steelmaking production control.
  • Typical tasks included installation, patching, security management, troubleshooting, backup and recovery, space management and performance tuning.
  • Providing rostered 24x7 on-call support.

Jan 1993 - Aug 1995

Primary Role
Systems Analyst, employed on a cadetship, simultaneously completing a part-time University degree.
  • Junior member of a team of 6 supporting a large code base of PL/1, SAS and JCL with IMS and DB2 databases running on an IBM mainframe, for BHP Port Kembla Steelworks. In-house applications primarily providing Production Planning and Scheduling functionality.
  • Main support contact and developer of a source-code cross reference tool used to find the scope of module changes, written in PL/1, SAS and JCL.
  • Providing rostered 24x7 on-call support.

Work-related Hobbies

  • Started running MacBSD on mac68k in 1993. Currently run NetBSD on i386, mac68k, sparc and alpha architectures, and actively track daily source code snapshots, submitting bug reports and occasional patches.
  • Have run a NetBSD Internet accessible web, ftp and SMTP server since 2002.
  • Have assisted in the debugging of various bugs in software including Darwin (Mac OS X), rsync, MySQL and fvwm2.

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