Write Protected Tapes and TSM

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Physically write protected tapes can generate the following obvious error in the TSM activity log:

ANR8463E 3590 volume SP0101 is write protected.

However, they can also generate more obtuse errors:

ANR8302E I/O error on drive FIBRE1 (/dev/rmt/2stc) (OP=SETPARM-6, Error Number=13, CC=0, KEY=00,
ASC=00, ASCQ=00,
Description=An undetermined error has occurred).
Refer to Appendix D in the 'Messages' manual for recommended action.
ANR8355E I/O error reading label for volume SP0058 in drive FIBRE1 (/dev/rmt/2stc).

Normally, if a tape is physically set read-only, and a mount is attempted, TSM will place the tape into unavailable status.